How to style men’s hair

A question that i am frequently asked by my male clients in the salon is ‘how can i style my hair and what products should i use’?…

The length of your hair and look you want to achieve determines what method and technique you use. I personally feel for short to mid length hair it works really well when you add texture and definition to the look. To create something similar to these styles, try the following steps.

Apply Nicky Clarke Hair Raising to damp or dry hair. This will add texture and fullness.

Use a Nicky Clarke 2000W Frizz Control Dryer with a diffuser and use your hands to mould/manipulate your hair into the desired shape.

Once your hair is 99% dry, use a pea size amount of Nicky Clarke Runway Hold Matt Texturising Clay or Nicky Clarke Control Shine Shaping Cream. Runway Hold creates an edgy matt texture with maximum hold and will work better on short hair. Control Shine works best on longer hair for dishevelled lighter styles.