How to change your colour and fringe

Q. How do I make the change from blonde to brunette and no fringe to fringe as stress-free as possible?

A. Jennifer Aniston looks particularly stunning in recent photographs. The colour of her hair has made her eyes so powerful and striking. Her hairstyle perfectly fits the role she has adapted for her recent film Horrible Bosses; her character is sexy, devious and authoritative. The half up half down hairstyle is a hairstyle that has sex appeal and endearment, a look all women should aspire to this season, largely to the nod it pays to Bridgette Bardot. Create subtle volume at the crown by teasing, dry in Nicky Clarke Hair Raising for optimum results. Pull tendrils out around the face and tie into a knot at the back leaving the fringe to be dried with a slight turn underneath.

When considering a fringe ask yourself these questions?

Hold a piece of paper over your eyebrows and see if you like the shape of your face, does it work? Does it feel comfortable? Pull pieces of hair over your shoulders, does it still work? Do you wear glasses? Some people actually prefer a fringe, but make sure no hair rests on the frames.

Changing your colour is a liberating experience. Your eyes and skin tone are key especially when incorporating a fringe. Always consult a colourist, it costs nothing. Change is good, be an individual, there is nothing more sexy in a women when she re-invents her look.”