How do I grow my fringe out?


I am currently growing out a layered fringe and I am finding it difficult to style in the process. Could you please give me any tips on how to style my fringe so it looks nice until it has fully grown out?

Ashleigh Gardner

Hi Ashleigh,

The common problem that occurs when growing out a fringe is the shape, even if you want to grow it out it is a good idea to go and get it cut to a shape where it can move better. It may be that your hairstylist only takes away a corner or softens the line, but it will make a huge difference. Try wearing your hair down the middle and just flick the edges a little, maybe even a touch of product to give definition or completely sweep the fringe over from one side to the other, avoid partings and separate the hair when wet with your fingers. It kind of should be one extreme to the other. I love grown out fringes at the minute, they look wrong yet right, so you’re growing it out at a good time!