How can i make my dark hair lighter?

Q. Hi Carl, I was reading the team’s comments on Miley Cyrus’ hair– I have dark brown mid length thick wavy hair and would love to go lighter with my hair colour, as Miley has.  I always go darker when I get my hair coloured but would love a change.  I would love to be able to go lighter, if so how light could I go being a natural brunette and with how much maintenance involved?  I have a fear of going ginger!  What would you advise?  Thank you.  Sarah Chapman.

A. Hi Sarah, if your hair is coloured with a darker permanent or semi-permanent colour, the only way is to use a pre-lightener, as putting on a lighter colour dye will not lift the colour pigment.  However the best thing is to let the colour fade naturally and introduce very fine natural highlights. This will give you a lighter look like a sun kissed effect. All of our salons offer a complimentary consultation service and we would recommend having test highlights put into your hair to see if the hair colour would lift. If you are worried about going ginger, pre-lightening will often be toned to eliminate any red or ginger undertones.