How can i find a stylist for my curly hair?


I have thick hair with a loose curl and have straightened it for years.  I’m trying to embrace the curl but it takes hours to dry naturally and tends to frizz.  How can I find a stylist that is used to curly hair and knows how to cut/style it?


Hi Lucy,

Curly Hair is a tricky one for some hairstylists. I personally love cutting curly hair as each cut is totally individual and has its own personality. The key to it is to allow the curl to move, work with it and create shape. You need layers internally without going too short. Round shaped haircuts are better for curly hair than any other. You’re stylist should understand this and use cutting techniques such as slicing and brick cutting to create texture and movement. Regarding the frizz, use products dry on hair, smoothening balms and even finishing serums and pomades are great because they pump moisture and shine into the hair.