Hair Tutorial – Equestrian Ponytail

‘I wanted to create a ponytail that was neither predictable or boring. The ponytail hair style is so versatile, possibly more versatile than any other hair style but it tends to be worn low at the neck, high or off to the side They all look beautiful in their own right but i wanted to change it as we know it, taking it in a new direction that encaptures people’s imaginations and pushes it into new territory. My aim was to create a subject, tell a story and create realism and drama within that subject.

Equestrian feeling was what stood out straight away, i wanted it to be sporty and for people to think ‘wow, how has that been achieved’ but like all our video’s it has to be easy to do for the woman at home and for the hairstylist in the salon. There is no use in creating something that only i can do and so the result is as you see it. For the equestrian ponytail, i’ve added lots of shine for decadance and was bordering on making it really grungy by adding gels and mousses to it. Different textures are essential, the twisted hair needs to be high gloss to draw attention and the ponytail itself looks better dry. The parting is down to the individual, here i do it straight back without a part because it’s easier to demonstrate however it has more drama and is more sexy worn with a centre part or deep side part.

Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer is essential for shine and gloss and a Nicky Clarke Allure Straightener encourages shine with it’s tourmaline plates for the pony tail.’