Hair Tips & Advice – Detox

Your hair suffers the same way your skin and body does to a poor diet and being stressed, it also has the perils of day to day life to deal with – UV rays, wind and pollution are all elements that will cause irritation to the hair shaft and cuticle. Coupled with the excessive use of heated electrical equipment like straighteners, hairdryers and curling tongs, hair can take a serious pounding which will ultimately have an adverse effect on the condition.
Essentially you need to feed your hair the proteins it requires to be healthy. Argan oil, Avocado and Macadamia are all natural ingredients that will feed the hair the goodness it needs. Diet is important and like everything water is key, add to that green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and beans. Vitamins are ideal for you hair’s strength, Zinc Vitamin B and C should all be taken but don’t always guarantee results.

Getting into a routine short term to treat the immediate effects and long term something that you can maintain day to day are vital for replenishing you hair.

Begin your detox by using a deep cleansing shampoo that will strip the hair of all of it’s impurities. Do this a minimum two times and work the shampoo into the scalp using the pads of your fingers in circular motions, work the shampoo through the mid-lengths and ends then rinse with cool water. Repeat this process until the shampoo no longer lathers; this is an indication that the hair is clean.

Condition the hair to strengthen and soothe, look for ingredients such as oat extracts, honey and argan oil. Add a small bit of peppermint treatment into your conditioner, this will make your head tingle by stimulating the scalp to increase bloody supply to the hair follicle; it will feel both refreshing and invigorating.

Work the conditioner through the hair and comb through distributing evenly. With the hair damp and you out of the shower, take the moisture out of the hair.

Initially, use an intense treatment mask and comb that through liberally. You need to leave this on overnight, pin into a ponytail and put a shower cap on the hair. Rinse in the morning. For the remainder of that week aim to do 3 overnight mask treatments.

At this stage you should be working steamed vegetables, fruit, water and vitamins into your daily diet.

The second week move down to Nicky Clarke Weightless Treatment with Argan Oil, which would replace the intense mask (you will continue to do this once every two weeks)

Now you are going to do the same process twice a week using the Argan oil. Combing through evenly this will allow three key ingredients to penetrate into the hair cuticle, Argan, Kukui and Macadamia…all ideal for adding essential proteins to the hair.

This won’t usually need a rinse in the morning as the hair will of absorbed it. Continue this for two weeks.

In this time you need to get a haircut and get all of the dry ends removed, ensure your haircut isn’t ‘cut into’ and softened, as this will just break the hair shaft.

Your everyday process should include a protein spray or leave in conditioner added to the hair before you use any styling products, this will form the shield over the hair it requires.

Every other day an argan-based product should be used. The beauty of the Nicky Clarke Weightless Treatment with argan is its ability to be used as a conditioner, leave in conditioner, blow drying agent and finishing serum, so you’re getting all the goodness, protection and shine throughout your hair experience.

Avoid Shampoo’s that contain the following ingredients Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Tetrasodium and Propbylene Glycol these are all toxic chemicals commonly found in shampoo.