Hair – Questions and Answers

I’m a busy mum with limp hair but would love to have a more voluminous ’do. What are your tips for adding volume quickly and easily?

A decent haircut and a great styling product is key; Nicky Clarke Hair Raising is my choice for maximum impact volume. All you then have to do is ensure the product has been distributed evenly throughout the hair and dry it in quickly. Vent brushes offer instant volume when raising hair from its root so make sure you get the brush up and under your hair when blow drying it. Another easy way to get volume is with self-grip rollers and heated rollers, these can be put in first thing and left in until you need to go out. Or there are the new sleep-in rollers, which would be perfect for you. Put them in before you go to bed and mist your hair with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.