Grammys 2011

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“The 53rd Annual Grammy awards took place in Los Angeles and the Staples centre.

We saw Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Rihanna and Katie Perry pulling out all the stops to be the talk of the Red Carpet. However it was Lady GaGa (becoming a regular occurrence) who will be remembered for her egg appearance! She spent three hours inside preparing herself. Hair wise, Nicki Minaj stole the show, with her leopard print wig and hair piece.

Classic hair styles were revisited with Naya Rivera of Glee 1920s inspired rolled under loose bob; Natasha Bedingfield sporting a finger waved look seen on the catwalk at Prada and Leona Lewis’ 70s fringe.

Miley Cyrus wore long extensions with her hair loosely tousled which is becoming her trademark. Hair Extensions were prominent, all being worn by Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson and Ciara. Nicole Kidman continues to work the red carpet with style and looked great with her Veronica Lake inspired hair style.

Top 5 Hair Styles of the night

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Nicki Minaj– The Leopard print hair! Ok, it’s more fun and we know most of you won’t be dropping it on Saturday night. The look completed her outfit and worked for her – it’s also very easy to do. “Get a normal blonde wig and colour to your desired blonde tone. Then either dye the leopard prints or paint and allow to dry. This will also act as the anchor for the hair piece you will add on tip. Cut out the middle of the wig and pull hair through. Tie into a ponytail then add a large doughnut and pull the ponytail through the doughnut. Pin the doughnut to the wig and attach the pre made hair piece. When I make a wig of this size I buy two or three, sow them together and either clipper or cut away at it to create the shape. Finish with black hair paint” Says a member of the Nicky Clarke Team

Rihanna– She wore her hair more elegantly than we have seen her recently. She wore a longer styled bob with volume which turned under at the ends. It accompanied her Jean Paul Gaultier gown perfectly and she looked stunning; proof that she can go to all extremes and pull it off when it comes to Hair and Style. Velcro rollers are a great way of getting that bit of bounce and a turn on the ends that Rihanna is wearing here.

Lady GaGa – Another Hair style that Gaga will make popular. This season ponytails are huge; any sort of ponytail, though what we haven’t seen is the ponytail on top of the head. The one that nods to that awkward time when you were at school and your mum put your hair up and into a scrunchy. It’s very 80s and has attitude; a look Lady Gaga aspires to.

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Florence Welch – She sported the 70s fringe trend that is becoming huge this season with big appearances at New York Fashion week. The lengths and ends were loosely tousled and a waving effect created by plaiting the hair when wet and leaving to air dry naturally. It’s an easy to complete by gently running your fingers through to pull out. The look works best when the fringe isn’t so straight and the ends bend slightly as with Florence.

Janelle Monae – We love what she does with her hair – her oversized Morrisey quiff! Her hair type and texture makes it easier to achieve this style than if your hair was soft and of European texture. It’s all down to the shape. The haircut is key and she was brave enough to take the sides so short. Her hair is all real, though to achieve this look with long hair at home it’s actually not too difficult. Pull the sides and back into a really tight pony tail at the crown. Leave the top section out, then backcomb and if you feel it needs filling out add a doughnut. Pull the top section of hair over the ponytail and pin over the ponytail.