Golden Globes 2013

With awards season fully underway, Tinsel-town was the night host to the Golden Globes, which was awash with glamour.

Stars of the big and small screen threw on their best dresses in an effort to be the one everyone was talking about and the importance of hair on Red carpet was as always of exceptional standard showing perfectly preened hairstyles which were effortless and sexy.

Naomi Watts

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“1940s influenced hair was a dominant hair trend last night and Naomi Watts offered an alternative take by pinning her waves under to create a faux-bob.

“Designed to show off her backless dress, Naomi has captured this retro-inspired look perfectly for the Golden Globes.”

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Kelly Osbourne

“Kelly is rocking it just now. She has found her style and isn’t afraid to push it.

“Her purple hair, which is fast becoming her trademark, is fun and fresh, bringing energy to the red carpet.

“The contrast between the emerald drop earrings and the naked neckline and pistachio dress create such a statement and together it’s just right for Kelly.”

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Julianne Moore

“Julianne is classically beautiful and her chignon is expertly styled to work with her Tom Ford dress.

“The simple look and minimal product creates an elegant, timeless feel.”

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Helen Mirren

“Helen looks great here, but then again when does she not?

“She knows what suits her and sticks to a stylish variation of what if becoming her signature look.

“It looks as though she has gone slightly shorter and with the tonged texture and balayage colour effect, she looks amazing.”

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Michelle Dockery

“The disheveled bob highlights Michelle’s cheekbones and eyes while the colour perfectly contrasts with her porcelain skin tone.

“The detailing of the dress and the textured hair could have been too much but actually works really well together.

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Marion Cotillard

“Normally I am a fan of Marion’s style but I’m not digging this look or the dress. As I said earlier there was a trend for simple necklines and jewelry last night, but this together with the hair does nothing for Marion.”

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Kerry Washington

“The length of this style sits well with the bejeweled Miu Miu dress and the fringe complements Kerry’s face shape. Personally I would have gone for something a little more groomed through the mid length and ends.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“Not really feeling this look on Rosie. She has good hair but this is just a little to simple for red carpet. A Veronica Lake-styled wave sweeping across her face would have complemented her dress beautifully.”

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Helen Hunt

“Soft movement and delicate highlights help create the natural look on Helen, which suits her features, and image perfectly.

“A good use of minimal products helps the style remain effortless but I would like to have seen a little more height at the crown.”

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Claire Danes

“Claire Danes really suits the volume. As I mentioned in last year’s awards’ coverage she has very fine hair, which can make red carpet looks difficult for her stylist. She has a natural beauty about her, which works well with this relaxed style.”

Kate Hudson

“Kate’s relaxed style works well with her face shape but with such a detailed Alexander McQueen dress I would have preferred her hair to expose more of the intricate neckline, with a low ponytail or bun at the nape of the neck. There is a lot going on here and a cleaner shape would have had more impact.”

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Jennifer Lawrence

“Jennifer’s Dior dress required nothing too structured, and keeping with the outfit trend for the evening, a clean neckline. Face on this look works well with the dress, and from the side the detailed plait and knot give her a youthful, fun edge.”

Lucy Liu

“Lucy is another winner from last night. Her Carolina Herrera stole the show for me and the fishtail plaits were genius. Not too ‘done’ but still with enough detail, the plait brought an edge to a dress which could have consumed others. I like how she went out, took a risk and make a huge statement. It paid of massively for her.”

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Amanda Seyfried

“Amanda’s hair here is spot on. Clean and fresh with beautiful colour, this look reflects her natural style. The parting, together with the way the curls fall around her cheekbones, frames her face and works with the detailing in the dress.”

Nicole Kidman

“Nicole’s shorter cut and tousled curls balances the detailed dress. The structured dress required a softer finish, a hair up would have been too full on and any more length in the hair would have detracted from the embellishment around the neck.”

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Jennifer Lopez

“In true JLo style, there is nothing left out from this look. Detailed dress, plunging neckline, diamonds and multi-coloured curls – she does red-carpet style in style. We wouldn’t expect to see her in anything less glamorous but it is nice to see her with slightly shorter hair.”

Jessica Alba

“Jessica stole the show for me. This effortless look has been executed beautifully and with the statement necklace and lip, she looks seriously sexy. The blend of colour through her hair gives a youthful, on-trend edge that her contemporaries are missing.”

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Isla Fisher

“Isla is never one to make a fuss or steal the spotlight and her hair reflects this. Quietly sophisticated, her side sweep of lose curls with elegant shine create a relaxed but feminine look.”

Megan Fox

“Megan looks stunning here, like a proper lady. Again, working a simple neckline and no necklace with drop earrings. The 1940s waves are done well but I would have preferred them to have started a little higher, perhaps from her cheekbones.”