I’m 25 and going bald what can I do?

Q. Im 25 and Im going bald. What can I do?


A. A lot of us tend to follow similar hair loss to our parents and grand parents, however, balding isn’t always genetic.  If you have exposed your head to too much processing over the years, it will of course damage your hair follicle. There are options however, many of which have been developed in recent years. Hair transplants have become quite popular and the results can be pretty amazing. A good quality wig can make a big difference to your balding appearance. Before you try these options, it maybe worth giving a hair treatment product a go.

You can buy a variety of them from your local chemist. Regaine hair treatment gel and Propecia Tablets for example are quite popular however they cannot guarantee perfect results. They don’t always re-grow the hair but can really help to prevent any further loss….check them out