Frizzy, Fine and Damaged Hair

Frizz: A common complaint from clients, it’s down to managing and styling your hair, changes occur throughout the day in our hair depending on where we are and the relative humidity which determine the degree of frizz you will have. Help prevent by preparing with the correct products in the drying and styling process, use silicone based products they discourage moisture absorption into the hair shaft.

Fine: A great haircut is the most important aspect of managing fine hair. Don’t be too precious when it comes to your length, often chin length strong shapes visually make the appearance a lot stronger and thicker. Products are key, often by overloading with too much product you can way hair down, this is where i see most people encounter problems.

Damaged: Is down to everyday living. Most people have or at some point have experienced damaged hair. Ways to prevent are regular haircuts, use of correct products and avoid chemical procedures. Ways of repairing are Intensive moisture treatments, my top tip would be do one a week put a shower cap on and sleep with it on and rinse the following morning. Brazilian blow drys are a new unique way of relaxing hair and improving quality I highly recommend.