Forever Sports Mag – Two Minutes With Nicky Clarke


Nicky Clarke OBE answers some pertinent hair questions facing the modern man for Forever Sports Magazine!


What cut do I need this year?

Long messy hair is hot right now and will grow in popularity for summer. It’s easy and fun, and you can switch from messy to sleek if you want a change for a formal day or smart night. This style tends to look better on an oval-shaped face or a man with a strong jaw line.

How often should I visit the barbers for a haircut?

You should go for a trim every four to six weeks if you want to look your best. After this period, hair generally starts to lose its support and shape.

What do men get wrong when it comes to their hair?

They tend to use too much product. There are so many great styling products out there, but the more-is-better adage is not the case. Over using a product can just leave your hair more greasy and less manageable than when you started.

The secret to great looking hair is…

My hero product is one of my own – Nicky Clarke Hair Raising SprayI’ve used it as so many fashion shows and photo shoots. It’s a fantastic pre styling product that gives substantial lift to the hair before blow drying. It works on all hair types and leaves your hair feeling natural, touchable and brushable.