Festival Hair

Warren's latest blog on all things hair and festival

“It’s that time of year again where the youth in us conjures up the tenacity to attempt a summer of Music Festivals. Last year I found myself throwing some shapes to the beats in Benicassim and V Festival. Not really a festival goer…..i was living by the religion of Oasis and they were Epic! And what also was Epic was the individual style.

The clear attention paid to one’s individual appearance is plain to see, though sometimes due to the perils of the ever changing British Weather, not for want of trying, Hair can be neglected! The thing is everybody can have great hair, and at a festival more so than anywhere! Be a little wild, experiment. So you can’t take you Hair Dryers, Straighteners or Curling Tongs but you can however include a few of the following.

Here are my Tips to Managing and Styling your Hair throughout a festival:

  • The night before, give you hair a good wash and use an intense moisturising conditioner. Use a good foundation product when wet like a strong holding mousse and dry into your hair
  • Tong your hair, so it has movement and shape…..the bigger the better, you have 3-4 days for it to drop and play with.
  • Accessorise, Hair accessories are huge for Spring/Summer 2010, look at Marc Jacobs for inspiration. Bows, Berets, Headbands and the obligatory oversized Hats are all always cool but why not try something a little different, a sailors Hat or Knickers pinned into your hair. (Check out my 4 way plait video for a video tutorial on this look)
  • Dry Shampoo is a great product to replenish hair and make it feel fresher. It also adds great texture and builds up some volume at the roots which is ideal when hair gets greasy and ways it down. If Dry Shampoo isn’t an option then go for Talking Powder.
  • Avoid too much product, Serums, waxes etc.  Your Hairs natural oil’s will show through themselves so avoid anything else that will make Hair oily.
  • Plait hair at night to keep a curl and avoid frizz
  • Avoid touching throughout the day, dirt on hands will build up grease

Mostly remember, have fun with your hair- it’s a great accessory and can be styled in many ways. Plan daily looks as you would an outfit. Tong your hair before you go and work it out throughout the weekend by brushing and combing out. Plait Hair to one side or pin the back underneath leaving just the sides out, use bows berets and anything you can think of and at least one day wear a hat but make sure your hair is still done underneath that hat.

Have Fun and beware of the beers flying overhead!”