Fashion Week Q&A Part 3

As the build up to London Fashion Week is well under way we catch up with Nicky Clarke and get the hairdressers view point of one of the most anticipated weeks in the fashion calendar. If you are an aspiring hair dressers, look out for some of Nicky’s key tips and advice on how to break into the session world and getting involved with Fashion Week.

Q. What’s your Fashion Week kit bag essential?

My kit bag is colossal! I have 7 cases, homed between the London salon, my studio at head office and my apartment. To be honest I couldn’t do without any of them.  I have one case called ‘The Beast’ which contains all the main gear.

I use Scaffolding grips from Sallys and they’re bang on. I need my Mason too. Products are vital – Nicky Clarke Hair Raising is great for building guts and love into the hair and I’m all over the new Nicky Clarke Tease Me…..massive texture!

Q. What shows are you doing this season?

Im actually fully loaded right into mid October with the launch of the Nicky Clarke Professional range and the electrical range and Im filming my first TV show so this season I think I’ll just be doing a bit of London and the end of Milan.

Q. Best advice for surviving Fashion Week?

Just embrace it, it’s what it’s all about. Our job is a privilege it’s fun is it not? I take things massively too serious I’m told – and I do – but at the end of the day I wake up every morning and love going to work, this job isn’t about survival it’s about taking it on, embracing it and making the most of each opportunity that presents itself – If it doesn’t present itself go and find it! That said, my advice would be “Don’t do the parties.” I’ve actually banned my lot. Last year I did New York Fashion Week and I thought, right this season Im gonna hit the parties….Big Mistake! We went to them all, it’s great for networking but Im not into all that so I just smashed it. Not good and I won’t be doing it again.