ELLE Style awards 2011

London’s Grand Connaught rooms were the venue for the ELLE Style awards 2011

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London’s Grand Connaught rooms were the venue for the ELLE Style awards 2011. I’m a big ELLE fan, in 2010 they named me 1st in their ‘NEXT BIG NAMES IN HAIRDRESSING’ list. So it’s only fitting I write them a good report and congratulate them on another year’s style awards well done!

Cheryl Cole stepped out in a beautiful floor length Alexander McQueen gown. Her hair was softly pulled up at the back to create a loose Bardot shape with the ends tousled and flowing over the one shoulder. That little bit of height gave an air of romance and seductiveness all women should aspire to portray through their look.

Blake Lively, I loved her 70’s carefree thrown together hair style. It had that gypsy, traveler feel to it and the look was made to look more relaxed by leaving out the length on one side at the front and pulling out loose tendrils around the perimeter and internal area of the style. The whole look itself is made to feel thrown together and falling out but it needs to be styled with substance to stay in all night.

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Emma Watson wore her hair more tailored than at the Bafta’s, tightly combing the grain of the hair perfectly with a deep side part to create a Page boy haircut, a big look for Autumn Winter 2010/2011. The sidepieces in front of each ear were perfectly manicured to separate themselves from the look to give a Twiggy feel to the style.

Finished with lots of shine to reflect light proving Emma Watson is moving into and setting a big Spring Summer hair trend with texture.

Elsewhere presenter Alexa Chung, stayed with her signature messy grown out bob with natural movement. A hair style that is all about working with the natural movement of the hair and executing a perfect hair cut so that it looks grown out and unruly but still maintains shape. Pixie Geldoff went for a High Shine gelled updo bun with volume on top.

Helena Christensen who picked up the Outstanding Contribution to Fashion award, wore her hair down with a parted grown out fringe, a timeless classic that can be worn in so many different ways and a favourite of mine. This hairstyle offers so much to making a woman look and feel sexy. There is the movement that allows you to flirtatiously run your fingers through the hair and toss it around. The volume is seductive and flatters and lengthens any face shape. The lengths and ends can be styled in almost any way and work to make it dressy or worn down and there is the heavy versatile fringe, that exposes the eyes just enough but still keeps the allure of unpredictability.