DesiRED straighteners

Styled in a luscious gloss red finish, the stunning Nicky Clarke by desiRED Professional Straightener exudes quality and class, with unrivalled high performance to match. Whether dressing to impress on the catwalk, or getting ready to paint the town red, Desired by Nicky Clarke will add passion and glamour to the image in your mirror as you create your perfect salon style.

-When straightening and reaching the ends slightly bend the straightener this will avoid the hair being poker poker straight which doesn’t sit well when the hair hits the shoulders.

-Make sure there is a product on the hair before straightening to avoid fly aways and over heating.

(as the hair will already be dry for the person demoing) Use a hairspray or shine spray if there is no heat protection spray.

-Always ensure the straightener is moving down the hair to avoid ‘straightener marks’ on the hair which appear as lines.

-Depending on hair density, you want to take sections in 2 inches depth not as wide as the straightener plate. The thicker the hair the smaller the section, the finer the hair the larger the section.