Cosmopolitan Interview

In a recently interview for Cosmopolitan, The Nicky Clarke Team, were asked for his expertise advice on the most common hair questions.

I know it’s not advisable, but any tips for cutting your own fringe? Maybe you could give a couple of steps on how to do it successfully?
“Point cut the ends for softens and to gradually take the length shorter. Never cut straight across this will make it look too harsh when doing it yourself.”

How do you stop cowlicks?
“When the hair is wet use the comb against the head and move the hair downwards over the cowlick. This will flatten the hair, the separate the hair on the opposite side to the cowlick so the hair is heavier on the cowlick and will sit it flat. It’s vital no partings are made.”

Any tips for stopping your fringe from getting greasy before the rest of your hair other than don’t touch it as much and carry dry shampoo?
“Avoid adding make up with hair down. The fringe should be the last part of your hair styled. Don’t put product on it, the oils from your forehead will always make it greasier.”

How can you volumise your fringe and stop it from sitting flat on your forehead?
“When 50% wet, blow dry with a round brush raising from the roots. You can dry the underneath at the roots for extra volume. Tease the roots with one or two strokes back by pushing the hair back on itself.”

Any other interesting fringe tips you would like to share?
“Cut is so vital, the right shape of a fringe dictates how it will fall. The power of a fringe is such that by simply changing your fringe your whole look can take on a different point of view. I love a heavy blunt fringe resting on the eye, when this look grows out it looks chic and beautiful resting on the cheekbones.”

Your top tips for speeding up your hair prep in the morning. So maybe things you can do before bed the night before? How to dry your hair quicker, style it quicker, a speedy yet gorgeous up do?
“The best thing you can do in the hair drying process is wash hair the night before and prep it. Whether it’s pin curled, set in rollers, plaited or put in a ponytail these will all offer a ‘look’ then allow the hair to dry naturally. In the morning it should be as simple as brushing, adding volume and finishing off with a dryer to smooth flyaway hair.”

What’s the deal with hair oil? With so many oil-based treatment and styling products launching (even oil infused shampoos and conditioners) what does it offer that non-oil products don’t? For example why would an oil treatment work better than a cream one? Does it penetrate the hair better? Contain more effective ingredients?(maybe you could name your fave) Or would you recommend it just for certain hair types?
“Since the introduction of oil based products and one’s specifically with Argan in, they have gone off the scale! We have recently added Nicky Clarke Weightless Treatment with argan oil to our new professional range of products. What is so unique about Argan oil is its ability to cover all aspects of the haircare process. From conditioning to being used as a treatment, to a leave in conditioner, to a blow drying agent to a finisher that offers shine and reduces frizz and fly aways. Whilst it’s doing all of this the ingredients are penetrating into the cuticle feeding the hair proteins and goodness to make the hair look and feel healthier.”