Coachella Festival 2011

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival always seems to be as much about the Fashion and Hair as it is about the Music.

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The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival always seems to be as much about the Fashion and Hair as it is about the Music. Situated in the Mojave desert, the 100 degree heat didn’t deter Kate Bosworth, Alexa Chung, Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, Whitney Port, and Diane Kruger from kicking off the Summer festivals and giving us the first real look at this Summer’s key looks.

Bandanas will be the biggest stand out Hair Accessory this season.  They are so suitable for Festivals. Look at the bandana with a different point of view, don’t just tie it on your head, pull pieces of hair out around the face and intertwine the hair when making the knot at the back or at one side; have fun with it – that’s what accessories are about.

“The 70s era has been such a big movement in the Spring Summer 2011 collections and Bandanas, feathered earrings and capes are such strong chic accessories from this time. Vanessa Hudgens smashed it; she looked great.” said a member of The Nicky Clarke Team

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Another Hair accessory to note is the use of hats; there were so many amazing hats being worn at Coachella, Nicky Clarke gives us his take.

“The hat will always be around; they are so handy at festivals, along with a dry shampoo and some grips they are in my most important things to take with one to a festival to manage your hair. Forgetting the obvious of what a hat does in the 100 degree heat it’s that the hat just looks cool. I love Dianne Kruger, she very rarely gets it wrong and here we see her with a straw hat that says chic festival goer. Jessica Szohr’s hat said boho and I’m really fond of Vanessa Hudgens’ beautiful oversized 70s hat that shouted elegance and glamour but still in keeping with the boho festival feel” says Nicky Clarke.

We noticed lots of centre parted carefree tousled hair at Coachella this year, here is a top tip from a member of the Nicky Clarke Team:

“That loose tousled lived in wave will always be prominent at festivalsl it relates back to the boho feeling of the 70s where most draw their inspiration. People like to channel the feeling of the environment they are in to ultimately fit in.

This look is incredibly easy to achieve. Whilst at the festival, it’s really simple – before you go to bed – to put your hair into two plaits behind each ear. This will create a wave and also help avoid any frizz whilst sleeping. Use a dry shampoo before you do it to clean the hair whilst on the go”

We look forward to the summer and all of its forthcoming festivities!