Carl Q&A


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Q. What is the most interesting thing about you? –  A. My work would probably be the most interesting thing about me but I have a real love for food. I have a passion for cooking but also for eating out at great new interesting restaurants.

Q. What would be your perfect Sunday?A. That would have to be getting up late, taking a long walk through the midlands and having a boozy lunch with my family.

Q. What is your most treasured possession?A. That would have to be my motorcycle. It is an Aprillia 750 Shiver and there is nothing better.

Q. What is your Favourite HairstyleA. I did Keith from the Prodigy’s colour for their Firestarter video and to this day it is still my favourite.

Q. If you wasn’t a hairdresser what would you be?A. I’ve never ever questionned my job so that’s difficult. Footballer ideally but realisticly somewhere in the business world, making money, doing deals, possibly in the city, i get a real buzz off that. I’m into fashion photography too so maybe that but it’s difficult because your life takes different directions on the choices you make and i made mine at a young age so the person I am now i wasn’t 9 years ago and probably wouldnt of been had i chose a different path…….That was a bit poetic wasnt it!

Q. Who is your biggest influence?A. Creatively i get influenced by the things around me, i’ve always got my eyes open. Travel is a great source of inspiration…Train’s and Plane’s i just look out the window and this seems to be where i get my best ideas. I can often see a shape in a tree, or even curtains and want to create that shape or texture in hair. Additionally i’m influenced by hugely successful people, im honestly like a sponge i just ask questions and listen making a mental note of everything from the way they speak, dress, hold themselves, body language everything. I judge myself against these people, i’m lucky my parents instilled this into me from childhood.

Q. What is in your bag right now?A. Well i’ve got a man bag, so hold on…..Iphone, Wallet, Money, Lip balm, chewing gum, hand cream, tissues, ear phones, pen, loads of receipts, oh and YSL Touch Eclat (how did that get in their!)