Cannes Film Festival 2011

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Cannes Film Festival is undoubtedly a main highlight in the year for red carpet glamour and fashion. Attended by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Kruger, Gwen Stefani, Rachel McAdams and Cheryl Cole, Cannes is the place where fashion meets celebrity and the looks of the Spring Summer season finally arrive.

The Red carpet was packed full of glamorous dresses but it wasn’t just  clothes to be inspired by. There was a multitude of interesting chic Spring Summer 2011 hairstyles that caught the eye. We get the low down on what caught attention from Nicky Clarke

‘What’s great about Cannes is that it spreads over a longer period of time (11 days to be exact), so you will get one celebrity dropping 3 or 4 looks as was the case with Gwen Stefani this year. Like Kate Beckinsale in 2010, Gwen Stefani was the celebrity who shone with her look changing and becoming more diverse. You can’t second guess Gwen Stefani, she is beautiful, timeless and incredibly on-trend; she very rarely gets it wrong.’

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Rachel McAdams

‘Rachel wore her hair back off her face with the sides and back down. It was really pretty and in-keeping with her youthful beauty. It had that element of 60s height to it but loosened by the movement on the ends.’

Cheryl Cole

‘Cheryl’s super sleek pony tail was kind of overshadowed by her gown.  It was very Spring Summer, the deep side parting perfectly complimenting the pony tail. The texture ‘Sleek Reflection’ is very runway and how we’ve been styling hair this season, it really works.’

Penelope Cruz

‘Penelope always steals the show for me. She worked that stunning lace lilac Marchesa gown really well. I know her hair well; it’s thick Mediterranean luxe hair. She is actually wearing a hair piece through the top to create that choppy fringe. The high glamorous pony tail gives elegance and fun to the look. Penelope wore a number of styles over the week, going sleek which I liked, it was different for her.’

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Gwen Stefani

‘Gwen Stefani wore her hair in many different ways throughout the Cannes Film Festival, however this was my favourite. A distinct nod to the 70s disco era fusion Studio 54 with contemporary Hollywood glamour.  70s Throwback, a key look on the runway for Spring Summer 2011 seen at Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Sonia Rykiel. The look is made to look more contemporary by leaving it flatter on top. Don’t discount the relevance of the deep side part and the twist just off the front. It subtly blendes the harshness of the top with the freeness at the sides whilst adding a point of interest.’

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Uma Thurman

‘It’s not often that we see Uma Thurman on the red carpet and when she is she never really steals the show but then again she never has a ‘fashion or hair nightmare’ come to mind. I think the way she wore her hair at the Cannes Film Festival was elegant and pretty. Nothing major and a look that can be achieved by the woman at home, it was attainable and simple.

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Doutzen Kroes

‘Although unknown over here, her hair was worn so well I felt it important to add her in. Pony tails are so big this season: on runway, campaigns, editorials and in salons so its really good to see celebrities wear them and wear them well on the Red Carpet. Sometimes Hair can be taken too seriously. Doutzen has fun with her ponytail but it still looks elegant and chic.

Loosely thrown into a high ponytail, pre curl the hair before so there is movement in the ponytail when put up. Use your fingers to pull out pieces around the hair to loosen up and dishevel texture.’

Diane Kruger

‘I like the dishevelled texture in her hair with the fishtail plait falling out; it was almost as though she had slept on it and then thrown it to the side before leaving for the awards. The texture can be achieved by using a sea salt spray and loosely tonging large sections to tousle hair.