Can you dye your hair if pregnant?


A common and pertinent question frequently asked my pregnant women is “can I dye my hair when I’m pregnant” and “will it harm my baby?”

Whilst it is believed that Kate uses ammonia-free hair dye, most research, although limited, shows that it is in fact safe to colour your hair whilst pregnant.

It is true that very high doses of chemicals found in some hair dyes may cause harm, however these amounts would need to be significantly higher than any small amount a woman is subjected to when colouring her hair.

Technical head colourist Emilie Venturini at Nicky Clarke states, “I would estimate 70 per cent of our clients who regularly dye their hair continue to do so during pregnancy. It’s a very personal decision.”


Whilst it is possible for the scalp to absorb chemicals and transfer them to the bloodstream, hair cannot.

Emilie continues, “unless you’re having a full head tint, dye shouldn’t be in contact with the scalp. These days, many people just have highlights or lowlights where the dye sits on the hair surrounded by foil not on the scalp”.