Britt Ekland

In a regular feature for the Daily Mail, Nicky Clarke was invited to give his verdict on Hair Heroine Britt Ekland.

“Britt Elkland is the epitome of the rock chic girlfriend. She is now in her 60s and her look has not changed since she was 16 and just arrived in London. I did her hair for 10 years in the 80s. As a very beautiful Scandinavian, she had Icy cool natural blond hair which was very rock choc for that time. There was always a heavy fringe and it was always long. She was an early Kate Moss.
To keep the icy shade she has, she has highlights all the way through. The more grey that appears the more lights and as it has been a gradual process as she has aged, it is really easy for her to maintain as the grey and white will blend in well with her look. She hasn’t really changed a bit apart from the coarseness that is natural with aging hair.

If a client was to ask for a similar look, firstly this is when it comes to couture colouring. It really depends on the skin tone of the individual. More honey lights will give a warmer look and lift a complexion and its best to keep to tones that work with you skin tones. Maintaining the hair is easy as the sun will give a good natural variation. If you want to keep a definite salon tone, wear a hat.

She has kept the look because it is her signature and really works for her. Product wise, I recommend a weekly mask to keep the hair supple.”