Warren Holmes tells us why he loves blondes.

‘Blonde’s have more fun’ ‘Dumb Blonde’ ‘Blonde Bombshell’ …you get where im going.

Blondes are spoken about. Blonde’s turn heads. FACT.

There is a reason why so many women choose to go blonde, why blonde was the choice of Lady GaGa (and her people) when she hit the scene and went global…. it makes a statement it’s a head turner. There is that saying that ‘men want to date blonde’s.

I do conform to the saying that ‘blonde’s have more fun’ especially if they’re not natural. Blondes they’re going to be noticed and the blonder you go the louder the ‘screw what everybody else thinks’ goes.

Blondes have the power to be dirty, sexy, endearing, vivacious all in one go it can almost become obsessive. But Why?

I don’t want to seclude or upset my blonde viewers and of course I’m conscious of generalising however it is a subject of debate so lets have it and also examine a few facts along the way…


Blondes have spanned the generations…

Cast your mind back to the most globally ICONIC haircuts and guaranteed the majority will be blonde. The first that spring to my mind are Bardot’s volume, Jennifer Anniston’s ‘Rachel’, Farah Fawcett’s flicks, Kate Moss’ Fringe, Meg Ryan’s layering, Twiggy Pixie cut, Mia Farrow’s Pixie cut, Marilyn Monroe, Veronica Lake’s surface wave, I may be slightly biased but they all have some blonde in there and the reality is over years gone past they have all been revisited and re-worked making them timeless both in the fashion arena and commercially.


There are many types of iconic blonde however it would be fair to there are two types of Iconic blonde’s that lead the way in fashion and celebrity….


Sultry – Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot,

Hair at its most decadent, pure artistry. I enjoy nothing more than a full head of flexi stylers on a blonde achieving that perfect marcel wave surface wave. There is something attractive in a passionate way about all of these hairstyles (and women). When you think of the term ‘sex kitten’ the hair associated is that Bardot height on top, long and streamline with a dark eye. Correct? Speaking personally I’m hooked by this way of styling hair and it’s no surprise we often see it on the red carpet, for me this is the power of hair. Would these celebrities be as celebrated in the media eye without such powerful hair, I think not.


Trashy – Kate Moss, Debbie Harry, Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

This 90’s aesthetic has been revisited time and time again and never more so than now. The Grunge era in the early 90’s curtailed the big bouncy blow dry and models like Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain defined this movement, this is probably my favourite era of hair, no holds barred, anything goes, push hair to it’s absolute boundaries.


If I’m 100% honest when I’m casting for a shoot, video shoot or show I will always go for a blonde model over any other colour even if the girl isn’t as good, the reason: they make your work look better. Nicky will say the same. It’s no coincidence then that blondes are predominantly cast in advertising campaigns. It’s the ease on the eye for the consumer, the decadence, the dream you could say but also the absolute believable, most women will know they can go blonde this then draws them to the advert and before they know it they’re aware of the brand. Job done even if they don’t buy the product, brand awareness is just as important these days, social media tells us that.

In my opinion Tom Ford is the man, he’s the one everybody wants to work for. His shoots are the most beautiful, his brand is the most luxurious…. it’s no surprise then that he throws a blonde in there with each of his campaigns.

Kate Moss has stood the test of time, in pretty much everything at the minute but more on her next month! Lily Donaldson was the model used to re energise Burberry in their Christopher Bailey British campaigns geared at making them look cooler and appeal to the younger generation, on reflection an obvious success. Madonna’s story in Dolce & Gabanna is a particular favourite of mine. Charlize Theron in the current Dior TV campaign looked tremendous, as did girl of the moment Scarlett Johansson in those Louis Vuitton campaigns back in 2008. Agyness Deyn was absolutely everywhere, if you haven’t done her hair then you can’t really call yourself a session stylist, she shot everyday non stop for two years, she will come back and have her time again and you bet it will be as a blonde, her platinum blonde crop put her out there.


On the flip side, hair commercials selling shampoo’s conditioners, serums, hairspray’s all the big sellers in hair care will predominantly use dark haired models because they’re trying to sell a product to make hair look healthier. Dark Hair always looks healthy because light reflects better off it making it look shinier and healthier.

Warren Holmes TOP 10 BLONDE’S

10 – Madonna

9 – Claudia Schiffer

8 – Sienna Miller

7 – Gwen Stefani

6 – Jean Harlow

5 – Twiggy

4 – Kate Moss

3 – Marilyn Monroe

2 – Debbie Harry

1 – Bridgette Bardot