Blog: Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair care is especially important as Hair is likely to be drier and break more easily during the dry cold winter months than in warmer more humid climates. The best way of preventing damage is get your self into a regular routine.

Let’s be honest. It’s freezing outside and this year is colder than ever: -7 in London and -18 up north! I mean, come on!

You wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for assuming it’s the summer that damages your hair more because of the sun, but it’s actually the winter elements that cause your hair more damage. Heating creates stress on the hair, harshly drying it out. The constant changes in temperature, humidity, and the environment take their toll on your hair. Every time you step from a warm heated environment into the cold air and outdoors, your body and hair struggle to keep pace and your hair alternates from dry and electric to floppy and limp. We all like to drop a wooly hat, but that causes your scalp to sweat. So imagine you’re outside with a hat on, head is sweating, you then step into a warm atmosphere and take it off, the hair doesn’t really know what its comfort zone is, so it all goes a bit mad and attacks back which results in ‘Frizz’.

I’ve mentioned many a time that diet is so important for Hair. It’s not so appealing when it’s cold to drink Water, eat fruit and salads. We tend to eat more stodgily in winter and drink much less water (supermarket sales reports indicate this).

Save your Hair from winter destruction by following my simple suggestions:

  • Shampoo your Hair less frequently – Shampoo takes away moisture in the Hair that is needed to maintain healthy and manageable Hair. It’s not necessary to shampoo every time you’re in the shower; a slight buildup of natural oils is essential for healthy hair. Every other day is fine.
  • Condition more regularly – The opposite to shampooing. Conditioner is good for your hair. Run some through every time you shower and leave for a few minutes. Treatments are also great; once a week at least. Work a moisture rich treatment through your hair and leave on over night.
  • Buy Shampoos that contain cetyl alcohol.
  • Wear your Hair up on a windy day – This helps protect from damaged caused by winds such as disheveled lengths, ends and tangles.
  • Add a leave-in conditioner – Do this after towel drying to combat static.
  • Use Mousse – Mousse is a great product for winter; it calms down the cuticle to avoid frizz and – probably most importantly – creates volume.
  • Food – Hot stews are great; you can load all your vegetables in there. If you can’t face cold salads, go for blanched broccoli, hot cabbage, cauliflower and spinach. Tangerines, clementines and bananas are excellent winter fruits.
  • Scalp Massages – You will be pleased to know! They keep oxygenated blood moving to your roots; it relaxes your senses and promotes hair growth. Also you can do this yourself by making circular motions with the pads of your fingers.
  • Lastly, Styling! This season it’s key to use your hair as an accessory. Tuck it into scarves and coats or wrap around coats as seen on the runway at Roberto Cavalli and Aquascutum Autumn Winter 2010/2011. I always have this idea that hair should be more up and dressy through winter and down and carefree in summer. Check out my Autumn Winter Trends 2010/2011 for some advice and ideas on Key Trends this season.