The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) 2012 belonged to silent movie The Artist, winning an incredible seven awards on the night. But who’s look stole the show on the red carpet and which trends are proving popular with the glitterati? Nicky Clarke reports from the red carpet to give you his lowdown on the hair styles which made the biggest impression on the night.

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Penelope Cruz

An incredibly beautiful woman and she always gets it right. Whether her hair is up or down and full of life, it works for her. I’m very fond of her shattered pixie fringe. It’s so short that only a woman of intense beauty can pull off! The height gives it a feeling of Bardot; elegant yet still playful. Thee’s a real romance to this style. Her delicate chin is exposed and the nakedness around collarbone and neck is flirtacious in a tasteful way. Note the tendrils pulled out behind the ear to soften the look.

Michelle Williams

She wore H&M! Nobody wears the Pixie crop aswel as she does in my opinion. Her look was one of my favourites of the night. It epitomises Hollywood glamour; a perfect haircut and it’s styled so simply. it’s all about the shape and the face. It can also be worn more messier which would be ideal for most people. That said, I prefer her as a platinum blonde with a longer fringe.

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Fearne Cotton

Fearne made a youthful nod to old hollywood glamour by distressing her 40s waved hair. Note the darker root and shorter length; all vital in ensuring this look feels contemporary and complements her candy pinkMoschino gown.

Emilia Fox

I’m really fond of the barrelled surface wave we see grooming the eye. It’s really easy to create by going in at 45 degrees with a medium curling tong and leaving to set. Make sure there is enough root drag each time you pull the hair through the tong and think how you want the curl to fall when approaching the style. Continue through to the ends for optimum effect.

Emma Watson

Seen at the Lancome pre BATFA party, Emma Watson sported a Twiggy esque page boy parting incorporating the ‘Sleek Reflection’ trend that dominated the runway for SS12. Create the high gloss effect by working through plenty of gel and a silicone based serum; these products help reflect light and give that stunning high sheen finish.

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Christina Hendricks

I like the way she went off protcal for the night. We’re used to seeing her 50s hairstyle that is perfectly manicured and set yet she rocked up with worn-in dishevelled hair and it worked: coupled with her Vivienne Westwood gown it look good. You can see there has been a lot of hairspray and hands worked in wet dry which leads me to think the hair was left to dry naturally with a gel or mousse.

Miss Piggy

We couldnt leave without mentioning Red Carpet host of the evening ‘Miss Piggy’. Dazzling in her custom made Louis Vuitton dress she looked glamorous, sexy and approachable – all the things a woman should aspire too!