BAFTAs 2011

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The 2011 British Academy Film Awards were held at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London. The King’s Speech predictably cleaned up; the dismal British weather, also predictable, did its utmost to ruin the hairstyles of the many attending.

The big looks are often reserved for the Oscars meaning the BAFTAs and Golden Globes are usually a notch or two down and simplified. However, with some big looks being dropped at the recent Golden Globes such as Helena Bonham Carter accessorising with the Vale, it shows how times are changing.

At the BAFTAs Jessica Alba had fun with her hair. She dropped a double milkmaid braid across the hairline with volume at the crown; it was girly and carefree to complement her blue Atelier Versace dress, a look not so often seen on the Red Carpet.

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Julianne Moore – accompanied by Tom Ford – looked absolutely stunning. Elegant, decadent and cool all rolled into one. She has made that Veronica Lake barrelled curl her own; slightly modernising it by the placement of the parting. Amy Adams, up for best actress, has a great natural colour to her hair and at the Golden Globes recently she wore it up in a 1920s inspired roll and contemporary Pony Tail. She’s cool, knows what’s going on on the runway and tries things with her hair. Here she wears her hair tongued away from the face with a central parting to keep it young. Easy and safe but still effective with lots of curl.

The ‘side parting one side behind the ear and one in front’ look the red carpet has become accustomed to was done with a lot of elegance. None better – than by Eva Green; beautifully tailored around the face with the set quiff and wave resting just on the eye. Nicky Clarke Flexi Stylers are perfect to create this look.

Hailee Steinfeld, nominated for her performance in True Grit, is starting to really work the red carpet and at just 14 years old! She wore her hair up and off her face to state her elegance but it didn’t take anything away from her youthful innocence. She looked wonderful in her Mui Mui dress. Rachael Stevens went for something more commercial, an offset low ponytail and fringe.

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Top 5 Hair Styles of the night

Gemma Arterton – With her recent campaign with Gstar and her appearance at New York Fashion week she is becoming somewhat of a fashion icon. The fashion industry love her and you can see why. She went for a Bardot inspired look Bardot with the ends finished to look more raw and uncared for. To make this look work, it’s imperative the layering around the face is really long and sits just above the length. She has great hair to work with. Its thick, moves and will keep shape; a perfect style for her face shape.

Eva Green – Many people go for this look and fail with the way it’s styled around the face. However Eva Green nails it here! Her make up is perfectly complemented, as is her dress. This look is quite easily achieved though. Using a set of Nicky Clarke Flexi Stylers, work in diamond sections pivoting from the parting. Curl towards the face and away on the last two sections which will be tucked behind the ear so as to make sure the curl falls forward. It’s crucial the ends are in the styler and not loose and that you use a heated roller or two at the front in a triangular section to get the height and movement to form a quiff. These are great for both session and in the salon due to their speed.

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Claudia Winkleman – our International Creative Director  did Claudia’s hair the Monday before the BAFTAs for a shoot with the Daily Telegraph. He tried something a little different whilst shooting with an eye on the BAFTAs. With her Steve Tyler makeup, she always gets it right and she brings out her inner Chrissie Hynde with her hair. Everybody knows her for her heavy fringe, you have to admire that she has a look, which she has made her own, and fairplay to her. She told Warren that she was wearing Topshop – who didn’t believe her. But she nailed it. Her hair was more tousled and raw, more lived in. A look she also sported midweek for Film 2011. She has great hair that is manipulated well with styling tools. her look at the BAFTAs, was still Claudia Winkleman but with a seductive edgy twist – she smashed it.

Thandie Newton – Thandie Newton’s look was all about that Monique Lhuillier dress. Nothing was going to get in the way from the impact that dress was going to make. So it was crucial the hair was up and exposing the neckline and creating the perfect silhouette. She has a wonderful jaw line and the exposed neckline made the look all the more seductive. A big trend for Spring Summer 2011 is tight updo’s tight onto the head.  Hair should also reflect light; Thandie had both of these elements running through her hairstyle.

Emma Stone – Is in the top five because I like the fact that it was kind of wrong and right in one. She went for a 1920s inspired set that can be achieved either by using medium Velcro rollers or medium curling tongs. It clearly wasn’t a perfectly formed set; it was more dishevelled, hands running through it with a messy edge. It worked for her.