Autumn Winter Colours

Every year all my clients ask me what colours they should go for when Autumn and Winter comes. It all depends on what your natural hair colour is, what colours suit you best and most importantly what you like.


For women with very dark or black hair, unless you go for something quite striking – such as the addition of a vibrant purple for example – you have a fairly limited pallet. That pallet should never be 4 or 5 shades lighter than your natural colour, otherwise you are likely to have a colour which does not complement your natural skin tone. You also risk damaging and drying your hair out. That said, there are many interesting shades to choose from which work really well at this time of the year. Hair needs toning down from the summer months so auburn and chestnut against black or dark golden blonde against brown will help to revitalise your look.

Auburns, browns and chestnuts can offer both subtle and quite noticeable changes; the key to getting it right is in the application. Fine veils of colour will allow you to create good texture. At this level, you can take larger sections and layer on; this enables light to reflect giving your hair a natural healthy shine showing off the very best of your new hair colour. Another simple yet effective technique is to place a few simple lighter strands at the front. This will help to blend in with the lighter ends many woman will have left over from the summer months. Remember less is more, look at Mila Kunis for inspiration here.

Dip dying, like we have seen on Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth, is a popular technique at the moment but again this has to be done correctly. Rather than bright or heavily contrasting colours, applying chestnut shades will give the ends of your hair a soft feathery feel.


There has been a huge red hair renaissance over last few seasons. It’s the ‘Colour de Jour’ and still is. Vibrant reds can be striking but need to work well with your hairstyle to get the best results. Creating soft curls is a great way to show off your vibrant red hair and the New Nicky Clarke Straighten and Curl is perfect for this.

Bright reds associated with the likes of Rihanna are still very on trend at the moment however we are seeing deeper versions of red on the runways and on the high street. What we are seeing with reds is the addition of dark auburn textures. These reds are softer and more broken up adding texture and movement. We are also seeing some towards the lighter end of the scale with copper gold’s sported by the likes of Isla Fisher and Christina Hendrix.

Deep, Autumnal, Rich, Vibrant, Chestnutty shades are all great shades for Autumn Winter. Even burgundy is proving quite popular this season however be careful not to go too light as a fading pink colour is something which needs to be avoided. A rich plum tone is another favourite of mine. Most woman can carry this colour well. Another great colouring technique with regards to achieving a strong amber colour is to combine blacks and browns as the basis. If done well, this can give stunning results.

The real key to hair colour in Autumn and Winter is quite simple. Whatever your favoured colour, make sure it has depth and richness. These tones will keep you hair looking healthy and shiny during the cold dark months.