Hair Trends Autumn Winter 2010/11

Autumn Winter 2010/11 is going to be a great season for hair. I have looked at everything with a different point of view and taken different directions to update iconic styles; everything from Classic French Hairdressing to 90’s Grunge.

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High Drama

Seen at Prada, Lagerfeld, Chanel and Issa

This season’s updo is all about classic shapes with finesse; modernised by the way we finish it to add that bit of attitude that’s crucial to make it contemporary. Control is running through all big hair creations. Hair needs to be layered with product to give it guts; chignon’s and pleated twists are great for securing shapes.

The updo at Prada was a nod to Classic French Hairdressing; lined hair pieces are used on all ‘High Drama’ looks to pad hair out and use an anchor. Headbands are a modern way of accessorising any updo. At Prada and Lagerfeld, headbands were used and on the Issa show I created knots to accessorise what was a dramatic accentuated fringe.

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Seen at Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein.

This season the ponytail replaces the plait. The placement of the pony can say a thousand things about you and the good thing is there is one for everyone. Keep it minimal and super sleek – a la Calvin Klein – as it epitomises pulled together glamour. Miu Miu added coloured wefts into high ponies to inject a bit of forward fun into the trend.

However it was the Louis Vuitton 1950’s inspired pony that will be one of the looks of 2011. It’s all about luxury and decadence; it appears expensive and unobtainable; a vibe women should aim for this season.

Click here to watch my video on putting in a high pony tail.


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Seen at Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Burberry, Rag & Bone and Louise Goldin.

Glunge – as I commonly refer to it – is the stand out Hair trend leading into 2011. It takes its inspiration from the 90’s era. Think Kurt Cobain and Kate Moss.

Designers have been sending girls looking tougher down the catwalk this season than in years previous. This season is not as gritty as the 90’s, instead it’s more Grunge meets Glamour. Product is still a key tool but it’s more Hairspray driven than Waxed. The secret is to allow natural wave through the lengths but the shape needs to stay streamline. Think ‘morning after the night before’ and freshen up with hairspray, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Create a more androgynous look by gelling back/down the sides as seen at Alexander Wang, Etro and Stella McCartney. Bottega Veneta went Grunge commercial more than any other designer by keeping it obtainable yet still fierce enough to rule and dominate the catwalk.

Click here to see my video tutorial

Contemp Volume

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Seen at Chloe, Nina Ricci and Roberto Cavalli.

The Volume blow dry is a great foundation for any style. It screams femininity and has forever been a prominent look through the decades. Looking through the decades and updating iconic looks through taking a different direction was seen in the above shows.

The look at Chloe was very 1970’s inspired.

Watch my video tutorial of how to get the look here.

At Nina Ricci the look was inspired by French actresses of the 1950’s and 60’s and modernized with controlled shaped volume through the front and crown to create extra body. The unkempt 60’s inspired volume at Roberto Cavalli was perfect to complement the collection’s boho influence, but as with the same as all the looks, they took on a modern twist to keep it subtly interesting.